• 3D graphics *and* Video Mixing - have both instead of one or the other.
  • Use audio from any source - streaming, line-in, microphone.
  • Webcam and streaming video support.
  • Video Projection Masking
  • Control DMX lights in response to music.
  • Kinect support
  • Oculus Rift support
  • Remotely controllable over a network - including Android, and iOS.
  • Specialized remote control programs, PD patch, and TouchOSC layouts.
  • String-based input can be fed directly into the visuals via TCP connections.
  • OSC input can go directly into the visuals and/or be generated and output by the visuals.
  • Visuals can be created using VRML / X3D and DirectX / OpenGL shaders - non-proprietary formats.
  • Single computer can simultaneously run multiple instances on multiple screens.

Home (more info)

Outfit your living room, rec room, man-cave, or retreat with visual effects and lighting ambience controlled from your phone or tablet (using TouchOSC).  Easy to set up.
Customize visuals to use your own pictures and videos.

VJs and DJs (more info)

Awesomely easy learning curve for VJ'ing.  Easy to use while DJ'ing without being a distraction.
Dedicated remote controllers for visuals that use large numbers features and commands.
Customize the remotes by drag-and-dropping your media files on to their buttons.
The remote controllers *themselves* are controllable by OSC too!
Full-featured TouchOSC layouts with bi-directional communication, ready-to-go when installed.

3D Artists and Visual Effects Designers  (more info)

Synaesthesure is a neophyte-friendly way to learn the basics of - and experiment with - 3D graphics.

You can easily build 3D visuals making use of particle effects and video input, controlling DMX lights, and generating OSC output - all in response to music.

Synaesthesure's 3D engine (BS Contact - by Bitmanagement) has native javascripting support and uses widely supported 3D, bitmap, video, and shader file formats - providing 3D visual artists the creative palette to create audio-reactive content without programming.